My modified version of S60 Internet Radio


SIS Package Source Code

This is atleast a partial list of changes compared to the original proof of concept:
- Possible to enter URL manually (not from a playlist).
- Can resolve DNS addresses
- 128KiB buffer
- Phone line monitoring, pauses while you take a call*.
- Always runs with foreground priority*
- Sleep Timer to stop the playback after given minutes have passed.
- Resists being killed by the system in OOM situation if it is playing music in the background.
- Some UI (view) style improvements.

* For these features, I would like to thank symbianoggplay for inspiration and small framents of code, which I think are too small to copyright as there is really no other way of doing those things.

Everything has been tested only on a Nokia 6630.
I cant say on what phones it will install and/or run on, but I will guess that 6680 and N70 might also work.
I've only tested installing to C drive. Playlist (.pls) files are found from C:\shoutcast and E:\shoutcast .
I truly provide this only as is, I code this stuff for me, not for you.
I publish this only in the hope that somebody might find my work useful.

Since I havent kept the source code documented, even the copyright tags are old and as-is,
I will note here that all my modifications are under  CC Attribution 3.0 Unported-license.
This means that all I want is that if you make a modified version based on this source,
you mention somehow that you used my source.

Contact Information: Urja Rannikko < urjaman at gmail dot com >